Will the Olympics Change China, or Will China Change the Olympics?, Susan Brownell

Lesson 2 years ago

“One hundred years have passed since the question now famous in China was asked, ‘When will China be able to invite all the world to Peking [Beijing] for an International Olympic contest…?’ In 2008 the Olympic Games will be hosted by the least ‘Westernized’ nation in the world to yet host them. It will be only the third time the Olympic Summer Games have been held outside the West and its former colonies, and it will be the greatest-ever meeting of East and West in peacetime. It will mark a pivotal moment when China begins to take its place as a major force in global politics, economics, and culture after nearly 170 years of subordination to the Western powers and Japan. For Chinese people the Olympic slogan ‘One World, One Dream’ means that all the world’s peoples want a high standard of living and a secure life, and all the world’s nations want to modernize and achieve stable economic and political conditions (…)”.

 cv_brownellSusan Brownell is Professor and Chair of the Anthropology Department at the University of Missouri, St. Louis (USA).