Why sports matters, Raymond Boyle

Lesson 2 years ago

Sport has always mattered to the media (Boyle and Haynes, 2009; Brookes, 2002; Rowe, 2004). In the digital age of media, we have moved from an age of scarcity to potential abundance of media content delivered through a range of platforms (television, computer, mobile phone). Throughout Europe the twin drivers of digital switch-over and high speed broadband are facilitating substantive, if uneven, change across the media landscape. We are entering an age where to talk of ‘old’ or ‘new’ or indeed ‘digital’ media will become redundant. There will simply be media and content delivered to screens (or increasingly pulled down by users onto those screens) wherever they may be located. (……)


cv_boyleDr Raymond Boyle is Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Media Policy at the Centre for Cultural Policy Research at the University of Glasgow, and Co-Director of the Masters Programme in Media Management. His research interest in sport and the media has resulted in a number of publications, including Sport and National Identity in the European Media (1993), Power Play: Sport the Media and Popular Culture (2000: Pearson), Football In the New Media Age (2004: Routledge), and Sports Journalism: Context and Issues (Sage: 2006). A new and fully updated version of Power Play, will appear in 2009 (Edinburgh University Press). He has secured a major AHRC grant to investigate from 2009 the public understanding of business through television and representations of entrepreneurship.