Using the Olympics to optimise tourism benefits, Laurence Chalip

Lesson 2 years ago

Hosting an Olympic Games is an expensive enterprise. Its value depends on the legacy that the Games provide. Tourism represents a key element of Olympic legacy. Recent experience of hosting the Games suggests that the tourism effects can be optimised if the organisers and local tourism organisations work to maximise the tourism benefits to be obtained. Since the most significant tourism benefits will accrue through the exposure that the Olympic host city and country obtain, one key strategy for optimisation is to work with media and sponsors to build the destination’s brand by capitalising on the media interest that is generated by hosting an Olympic Games. The key challenge of this effort is to build and maintain the necessary strategic alliances to plan and implement leveraging strategies and tactics. A related challenge is to retain the vast learning that takes place as a consequence of the tourism leveraging effort.

cv_chalipLaurence Chalip is Professor and Head of the Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (United States).

Prof. Chalip is an expert in sport policy. particularly policies intended to foster development of sport, as well as policy uses of sport, such as the engagement of sport to enhance economic and social development.