Miquel de Moragas talk on tourism in the post-olympic Barcelona at the Tourism in Tomorrow’s World (Feb 2014)

Miquel de Moragas Spà, Honorary Director of CEO-UAB, attended the Tourism in Tomorrow’s World, the first conference on tourism and hospitality held in Qatar from 23 to 24 February 2014.

The conference addressed issues in respect of the sustainable development of major infrastructure, the management of hospitality in the light of challenging  circumstances, and aspects of a changing world with people who demand high  quality hospitality and touristic resources. He shared their views and thoughts about Post-Olympic Barcelona in the session “Experience in Sustainable Development for Major Events”, together with Ms Sumathi Ramanathan, Regional General Manager VisitBritain and Dr Martin Robertson, Victoria University, Australia. Miquel de Moragas explained the evolution of tourism in Barcelona since the 1992 Olympic Games and highlighted the contribution of the symbolic production of the Olympics, the precursors to today’s tourism supply in the city. Miquel also pointed out some of the current issues and projections for the Olympic Cultural Programs. Miquel’s concluded his speech with a lesson learnt from the Olympic experience:

“the key to success is found in the compatibility and complicity between the day-to-day lives of a city’s inhabitants and the expectations of visitors. That was the case during the Olympic experience. The challenge continues, and the success and sustainability of tourism in the world’s major cities will depend on this complicity between citizens and visitors.”

Full reference: Miquel de Moragas (2014): “Tourism in post-Olympic Barcelona. Mega-events and the symbolic construction of cities”, Tourism in Tomorrow’s World, Doha (Qatar), 23-24 February 2014 (keynote speaker)