Through the minds of billions: identity construction in the ultimate megasporting event, Andrew C. Billings

Lesson 2 years ago

Olympic media scholarship ultimately focuses on those who witness the Olympics in second-hand ways, through various forms of traditional and new media as it is critical to analyze the difference between what happens at the Olympics and what happens on televisions screens in what are now billions of homes.

At its core, it is the study of gaps between the authentic and the scripted, performance and the pageantry, the masculine and the feminine, the domestic and the foreign. The work is frequently grounded upon impact factors. Some media researchers pursue worthy aims in trying to show how media offerings can have dramatic impacts on small segments of people; Olympic researchers tend to focus on how media can have subtle impacts on much larger numbers of people


cv_billingsAndrew C. Billings (PhD, Indiana University) is the Ronald Reagan Chair of Broadcasting and director of the Alabama program in Sports Communication at the University of Alabam.