The social and commercial impact of sport, the role of sport management

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Article written by Trevor Slack from the Department of Physical Education and Sport Studies, University of Alberta.

“In this paper I argue that those interested in the management of sport should discuss their research with leaders in management and sport management. They should also talk to practitioners to see what problems they are confronting.Using the work of Gerrard and Andrews I suggest that the commercialisation of sport has been heavily influenced by media companies. I identify four social issues that have not been dealt with in the sport management literature or have just started to be addressed. These are: sport and environmental issues; the offshore production of sport equipment; the social responsibility of sport organisations; and the lack of research on the club and recreational leagues, which are the backbone of the sport delivery system.I indicate that I am willing to work with people on any of these topics or any other sport management related topics. I do have several caveats with any help I give. I suggest that if you get sick like me it helps to have a supportive family. I conclude by saying that the management of sport has great potential but researchers must refer to other work that is related to the topic they are investigating.”

The article was published at the European Sport Management Quarterly, Volume 14, Number 5 (October 2014), pp. 454-463


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