The legacies of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games: a bitter–sweet burden

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Work by Roy Panagiotopoulou published at Contemporary Social Science, Special Issue <<The Olympic Legacy>>. This paper describes the preparation works related to Athens 2004 Olympics, analyses the controversial issue of the Games’ financing using new evidence, presents the benefits and losses for the Greek society by undertaking an international project which proved to be far bigger than it could afford, and scrutinises the post-Olympic use of the remaining Olympic facilities under the new circumstances of the financial crisis.The Olympics with their special cultural symbolism and identification for Greece provided an effective vehicle to boost a wide range of infrastructure modernisation long needed for the city of Athens. Intangible assets deriving from the endeavour to set up such a project in and by a small and not so wealthy country are discussed, stressing on the importance of a ‘can-do spirit’, a benefit for the consequent period of austerity and uncertainty.

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