Teaching Olympism in schools: Olympic education as a focus on values education, Deanna L. Binder

Lesson 2 years ago

Fundamental to the understanding of Olympism – as articulated in the fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter – is its call for an emphasis on the educational mandate of the Olympic Games. This is a values education mandate. This lecture explores curriculum and pedagogical theory related to teaching values that seem to be closely related to the concept of Olympism. Since the 1960s curriculum development related to values education has been dominated by the moral development theory of Lawrence Kohlberg (1981).



Doctor Deanna L. Binder is an expert on education in the Olympic and sport values and has a broad academic and professional experience in this area. Graduated in Sociology by the University of Calgary (1968), she focused her doctoral thesis in the University of Alberta (2002) on the implementation of Olympic education programmes in schools.