Esport multicultural = Deporte multicultural = Multicultural sport. Barcelona

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Kim Manresa; Chris Kennett (2008): Esport multicultural = Deporte multicultural = Multicultural sport. Barcelona: Centre d’’Estudis Olímpics; Ajuntament de Barcelona. ISBN: 978-84-9850-085-1

The results of the photojournalism and research project entitled Immigration: A New Cultural View of Sport were published in the form of a book in 2008.

The contents of the books reveal a somewhat hidden side of our social and sporting reality, one which is very different from spectacle sport or the sports done by the most well-off segments of our society. The book highlights the social and coexistential aspects of the most grass-roots side of sport through the sporting activities of immigrant communities in Catalonia. Readers will discover sports, urban spaces and characters that rarely appear in the media. But, above all, readers will find testimonies to the richness of the social fabric, to expressions of identity and to displays of symbolic exchanges (rituals, celebrations, etc.) that immigrant communities organise around sport.

The publication was co-edited with Barcelona City Council within the framework of the Year of Sport.

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