Miquel de Moragas

Team Direction 3 years ago

CEO-UAB Honorary Director.

Professor of Communication at the UAB. Director of the Olympic Studies Centre (CEO-UAB) since its creation in 1989 and Director of the Communication Institute (InCom-UAB) since its creation in 1997. He is the Coordinator of the International Chair in Olympism (IOC-UAB) and was a member of the Research Board of the IOC Olympic Studies Centre (1998-2002).

He is the Chair of the Spanish Association of Communication Research (AE-IC). An expert in communication and the Olympic Games, he specialises in the interpretation and dissemination of the social and cultural values of Olympism and sport, the development of Olympic Studies and the impact of the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games. Among his most significant publications in field of Olympic Studies are the books Los Juegos de la Comunicación (Fundesco, 1992), Television in the Olympics (John Libbey, 1995), The Keys to Success: the social, sporting, economic and Barcelona: l’herència dels Jocs 1992-2002 (2002).

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