Launched the 2015 edition of The Olympic Games and the Media mooc at Coursera

E-Communication, News 3 years ago

CEO-UAB has launched the second edition of the Massive Open Online Course The Olympic Games and the Media on the Coursera Platform.

The great novelty of this second edition is that it will be offered with Spanish subtitles as well as the English ones of the first edition, which have been improved too. At the same time, all the teaching materials will be provided  both in English and Spanish for free. This will allow to complete the course to the English and Spanish speakers and will boost our potential audience to the more than 400 million of Spanish speakers who are spreaded  all around the world.

The Olympic Games and the Media  analyses the intersection between the Olympic Games, traditional  and new social media and how television contributes to fund, shape and disseminate the major sporting spectacle in the world: the Olympic Games. The course will start on 19th of October 2015 and will last for 5 weeks.

More than 6800 students from 141 different countries  have enrolled on the first edition of the Olympic Games and the media. As a consequence of that the Olympic Games and the media has became one of the most important Olympic Education innitiatives untill today.