China and the Olympic Movement, Hai Ren

Lesson 2 years ago

The connection of China and the Olympic Movement could be tracked down to the early 20th century. However, the initiative period of China’s Olympic involvement was marginal and controversial one due to its domestic social conditions and the international political background.1979 was a turning point for the relationship between the Olympic movement and China for the IOC Session in Nagoya ended the long political debate over the China’s Olympic participation, which paved the road for China taking quite active role in Olympic affairs and at the same time its sport policies have been deeply influenced by the Olympic movement. Beijing’s two bids for the Olympics, one failed in 1993 (2000 Olympic Games) and another succeed in 2001 (2008 Olympic Games), were the milestones for the development of Olympic movement in China. China may offer a unique contribution to the Olympic movement due to its special cultural heritage.


Hai Ren cv_hairenis Professor of Beijing University of Physical Education and Director of the Centre for Olympic Studies at the Beijing University of Physical Education.