CEO-UAB Report 2013

Annual report 4 years ago

In 2013, CEO-UAB continues considering as a valuable asset for international projection maintaining and broadening its network of public administration and academic and research relations. In this sense, the alliance with the UAB Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) has been strengthened in 2013 to promote activities in the area of the sport and the environment; the Barcelona City Council’s General Library has joined the project Barcelona Olímpica; and documentary support or scientific advice has been provided to the Organising Committee of the Mediterranean Games Tarragona 2017 or the Technical Office of the Barcelona-Pyrenees 2022 Olympic Bid.

It is also worth highlighting the sustained growth of collaborations in teaching, academic and research activities and projects with European universities (University of Sport of Cologne, University Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3, Loughborough University, University of Mainz and University of East London) and American universities (Southern California University, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul and Universidade Gama Filho), which contribute to consolidate the international  presence and projection of the Centre.

Research and transfer
In 2013, CEO-UAB has maintained the collaboration with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) through two activities. Firstly, CEO-UAB has completed the work to create an online platform on Olympic education, one of the pillars of the strategy Olympic Values Educational Programme (OVEP) as a continuity of the collaboration started in 2006 with the Educational and Cultural Services of the Olympic Museum Lausanne. And secondly, Dr. Emilio Fernández Peña, CEO-UAB’s Director, was in charge of the script and texts for the permanent exhibition on the history of media and the Olympic Games and the proposal of applications for the section on the audio-visual production of the Olympic Games for the new Olympic Museum Lausanne.

CEO-UAB also has opened collaboration as partner of the international research project on the values associated to the Olympic Games, the Olympic Idea-Nowadays, leaded by the Institut für Sportwissenchaft Mainz and with Universidade Gama Filho de Rio de Janeiro and the Technisque Universität München as partners. The Centre has also promoted the creation of the Observatory of Sport and Social Cohesion, a joint project with the Olympic and Health Studies Group at the Physical Education Faculty at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul.

In 2013, CEO-UAB has collaborated with the Catalan School Sport Associations Group in the project “Healthy habits Olympiad” and is developing educational materials aimed to introduce Olympic and sport values in schools in Catalonia, based on the agreement with the IOC to publish in Catalan the book Teaching Values: an Olympic Education Toolkit.

Within the framework of the collaboration agreement with the Barcelona Sport Institute, CEO-UAB has developed an activity line on the management of information and knowledge generated from and about sporting events held in the city of Barcelona. Finally, in the area of sport history, CEO-UAB has started an oral history project on Catalan Olympians participating in the Rome 1960 Olympiad and has analysed the Spanish Olympic bid for the 1972 Olympic Games.

Regarding research visits, in 2013 CEO-UAB has welcomed Airton Saboya Valente, as interns for the Master on Cooperation for Development at the University of Valencia, and Lorena Tarcia de Tasende, PhD student in communication at the Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais de Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Currently, 5 PhD are being undertaken, one of them submitted in December to be defended during the first semester in 2014.

Dissemination, teaching and knowledge management
In 2013, CEO-UAB has coordinated the teaching of the module on “The Olympic Games, media and commercialisation” for the Master of Arts in Olympic Studies, attended by 15 students from 11 countries and held at the UAB in September. And it also organised two seminars on the legacy of the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games by request of LanCon (Netherlands) as part of its Europe-North America Training Programme for sport managers and postgraduates.

CEO-UAB has also faced a new challenge for the academic course 2013/14. The UAB Evaluation Commission selected the CEO-UAB proposal for the massive open online course (mooc) The Olympic Games and the Media, as one of the four courses to be offered in Coursera.

In October 2013, CEO-UAB has organised the international symposium Sport, Space and City: Barcelona, Paris, Los Angeles, together with the University Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3 and the Southern California University, with the support of the UAB Faculty of Communication Sciences, the Department of Audio-visual Communication and Advertising and the Masters in Public Relations and Communication Bureaus. CEO-UAB has also been partner of the international conference Olympic Legacies: Impacts of Mega-Events on Cities held in London in September 2013 and organised by the University of East London. On the other hand, CEO-UAB’s Director, Dr. Emilio Fernández Peña, attended the UNESCO world conference of sport ministers, MINEPS V held in May in Berlin. And the sport historian, Juan Antonio Simon taught the opening session of the 2013/14 academic course of the History Hall held on 21 November at the Olympic and Sport Museum Joan Antoni Samaranch Barcelona.

During 2013, CEO-UAB academic collaborations has submitted with 27 contributions to congresses (amongst others: Olympic Knowledge Legacy: Opportunities for Host Cities; II International Congress of History and Sport; 10th International Session of the International Olympic; International Congress International CESH), published 12 journal articles (amongst others: Journal of Olympic History; Olympic Review; Revista Brasileira Ciências Esporte; Soccer & Society) and 7 book chapters (such as: Routledge Handbook of Sport and New Media;Enciclopèdia de l’esport català).

The growth of the library collection in 2013 has been sustainable, incorporating 92 books and 137 scientific articles, resources that have been shared with users through the CEO-UAB profiles in Facebook and Twitter, and will be accessible at the institutional website. More than 125 references to scientific contributions on the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games, published as book chapter, journal article or PhD, have been identified and will be incorporated in the platform Barcelona Olímpica.

In 2013 CEO-UAB has designed and implemented a new strategy for social media, its website, a YouTube channel (with 12 own-produced videos) and a Slideshare channel with 5 presentations that received more than 3.200 visits. Finally, it is worth highlighting the collaboration with the Barcelona Olympic Foundation to coordinate and monitor the progress of cataloguing its collection, in particular the collection Juan Antonio Samaranch. In 2013, 1942 books, 186 magazines titles and 144 dvds have been processed.