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Author: Notnarayan

CEO-UAB and ICTA-UAB, presented the results of the research undertaken on the degree of implementing environmental standards in the sport industry, as well as the weaknesses and opportunities for environmental policies and practices applied to sports management. The

The sport historian Juan Antonio Simon, disclosed an aspect which has unfortunately been forgotten by historians of sport: the murky process of choosing the Spanish Olympic bid for the summer Olympic Games in 1972, which concluded, surprisingly, with

CEO-UAB contributed to the 12th FISU Forum that took place from March 17th to 22nd, 2014 in Gwangju City, Republic of Korea, organized by the International University Sports Federation (FISU), the Organising Committee of the 2015 Gwangju Summer

Dr.Emilio Fernández Peña and Dr. Natividad Ramajo, members of the research team CEO-UAB, participated in the international virtual conference focused on educational innovation applied to the EES and the dissemination of research. Their contribution was an analysis of the