Professor Norbert Müller visit UAB as Invited Professor of the International Chair in Olympism 2012

This week, the Autonomous University of Barcelona has had the honour of receiving Dr. Norbert Müller as invited professor of the International Chair in Olympism for 2012.

Dr. Norbert is Emeritus Professor in Sport Sciences at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU), founder of the group of research in olympic studies in the same university and Senior Professor at the University of Kaiserslaute. He is also President of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee and member of the IOC Commission of Culture and Education. His work on Coubertin goes back to the 70s, when he wrote his dissertation on this subject. Since then, he has edited several editions of the works of the French pedagogue in different languages. Dr. Norbert Mller, invited professor of the International Chair in Olympism (IOC-UAB) presented the Spanish edition of Coubertin?s works published by the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee, Pierre de Coubertin Pierre de Coubertin 1863-1937: Olimpismo: selecci¢n de textos, on Tuesday 13, in the auditorium of the Olympic and Sport Museum JA Samaranch, and in front of a public friend of the Olympism.

The Director of CEO-UAB, Emilio Fern ndez Pe¤a, considered the book as a key element for the diffusion of the origins of Olympism, global sport and the Olympic spirit, and a great contribution to the development of Olympic studies in Hispanic-speaking territories. The founder and honorary director of CEO-UAB, Dr. Miquel de Moragas, glossed the extraordinary and valuable contribution of Professor Mller to Olympic studies, with more than 40 years of dedication to the study of Olympism. Mr. Poyan also took part in the event on behalf of the translation team.


The conference The Olympism of Coubertin followed the presentation of the book. During almost one hour, Dr Mller related the ideological goals and sport pedagogy of Coubertin and how the French pedagogue promoted the reestablishment of the modern Olympic Games and the constitution of the Olympic International Committee and the modern Olympic Movement. Pierre de Coubertin conceived sport “as common good shared by all social strata [?] that should serve the cause of social peace” and “it must have permanent factories”. In this point, professor Mller stand out the role that Olympic studies play in maintaining the Olympic flame alive. You can read the unabridged text of the conference and the presentation.

The activity was organised as part of the programme Aula de Historia, platform born with the objective of promoting the history of the sport promoted by the Center of Studies Olympic and of the Sport J. A. Samaranch of the Olympic Barcelona Foundation, with the collaboration of the universities CEO-UAB, UVIC, INEFC and Blanquerna.