Berta Cerezuela

Team Direction 3 years ago

CEO-UAB Head of Projects and the Documentation Service.

Degree in Documentation and Diploma in Library Economics and Documentation. Currently studying a Masters in Organisation Directions.  I have worked at the CEO-UAB since 1996 where I’m currently Head of projects and the Documentation Service. Member of the consolidated research group of the International Communication and Cultural Studies Group, the Experts Committee of the Catalan Sports Observatory and former member of the Executive Board of the International Association of Sports Information (2007-09).

I have broad experience in the field of Olympic Studies and sport from a documentation and information perspective. I’ve taken part in several international applied research projects commissioned by the IOC, including the coordination of the Olympic Studies International Directory since 1997, information transfer and management projects like the University Experts International Directory (2006) and the Olympic Values Education Database (2006-08 and 2011-13), as well as the study entitled Networking in Olympic Studies: current situation and proposals for development and cooperation (2005).

I’ve also leaded information and knowledge management in the area of sport, in particular the cooperation project Barcelona Olímpica, a platform to access the memory of the Barcelona’92 Olympics, and a project commissioned by the Barcelona Sports Institute on the knowledge management of sports events in the city of Barcelona.

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