Almost 7000 students have attended CEO-UAB open course on the Olympics and the media in Coursera

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The first edition of the MOOC course The Olympic Games and the Media has just finished turning into one of the most important Olympic Education initiatives organised by one university to date. 6,687 people from 142 countries around the world enrolled in this course organised by the Centre d’Estudis Oíimpics i de l’Esport at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, CEO-UAB.

A new edition of the Course The Olympic Games and the Media will be organised on Coursera along 2015 with subtitles in Spanish to open the course to the more than 400 million people around the world Spanish-speaking community.

The Olympic Games and the Media teaching materials have been constituted by 50 video lectures and support lesson texts which have gone and covered in depth the relationship between the media and the Olympic Games.

6,687 people from 142 different countries have been enrolled in The Olympic Games and the Media. Almost 2,500 of them coming from emerging economies. Even though, a 20% of the students come from the USA, a 7% from India, 6% from China, 6% from Brazil, 6% from Spain or  4 % from the United Kingdom, among many others.

During these five weeks the students enrolled in the course watched 44,080 video lectures and summited 5,868 exercises

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